MHI coordinates with multiple agencies and organizations to ensure that seniors and individuals with disabilities have access to transportation. Due to that coordination and facilitation of services, staff work directly with consumers both one-on-one in mobility training as well as groups such as, school districts’ special education programs and community agencies.

In areas where this is little to no transportation service, MHI provides accessible and affordable trips in our ADA accessible vehicles to fill in those gap areas. Specific cities served are Seabrook, Friendswood, Webster, Galveston, Dickinson, Texas City, La Marque, Hitchcock, Bacliff, San Leon, Santa Fe, Clear Lake Shores, and Nassau Bay. Trip cost is $.60 per mile.

Transportation Services

  • Centralized center for ALL individuals with disabilities and seniors to find out about transportation in their community and get connected to the most affordable and accessible options for their trip.
  • Individualized training to connect individuals with transportation providers in their area, assist with trip planning, application completion, and referrals. Based on need and individualized transportation plan.
  • Provide ADA-accessible public transportation throughout Galveston County and parts of Harris County.
  • Establish collaborations with organizations, agencies, transportation providers to increase outreach and transportation options and promote independence.
  • Travel training to teach consumers how to ride the fixed routes and demand-response services in Galveston County. Travel training is one-on-one where advocates teach and ride with seniors, young adults, and individuals with disabilities to destinations as they gain confidence to undertake their planned trip.
  • Advocate for increased affordable and accessible transportation options within the community. Provide opportunities for staff and consumers to advocate on the local, state, and federal level.


Trips to help individuals who are interested in continuing their education at Alvin Community College and/or their STRIVE program for young adults with disabilities interested in a certificate program. Trips cost $24 per month and are twice a day on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays.

CTAA Passenger Assistance Safety and Sensitivity Training

The Passenger Assistance Safety and Sensitivity (PASS) Trainer and Driver Certification program ensures that community transportation drivers have current expertise in passenger assistance techniques and sensitivity skills appropriate for serving persons with disabilities. MHI has certified trainers that offer the PASS training to transportation providers in our area.

Contact us at 888-307-9639 to sign up or email us at mhitransportation@ to find out more information about any of these programs.

What Our Clients Say

It has been great for me to have become a consumer of Mounting Horizons and
utilize their Transportation Services… By doing so, it has taken away a lot of stress for
me as well as my family because we know that we won’t have to worry about me
getting back and forth to dialysis and being on time for my appointments… I’m very
happy with the service and appreciate the staff”…


“MHI help me be more independent and help me get to work.”


“Great method of transportation! Was hesitant about it at first, but I’m extremely satisfied!”


Before my family and I found about Mounting Horizons, my ability to get out of the house by myself was severely limited. I had to ask for rides from family members, which makes me feel very anxious when I have to do so frequently, or use Uber-which becomes very costly. It got to where I was essentially paying to go to work. With Mounting Horizons I can get to most of my doctor appointments and to work– and I can afford to do so. I now keep most of my paycheck and can afford to pay my bills. My anxiety levels are greatly reduced, as far as transportation costs go and I am beginning to regain my sense of independence, which I had lost when I first acquired my diagnosis. It is a good feeling being able to get to where I need to go without constantly having to ask relatives and hope that we can somehow all jungle our schedules. While my loved ones didn’t mind helping it just gives me peace of mind.”

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