An estimated 61 million adults living in the U.S. have a disability, representing nearly 26% of the adult population. Disability alone may not be related to increased risk for contracting COVID-19; however, some people with disabilities are at increased risk for contracting COVID-19 based on where they live, and/or because of difficulty complying with mitigation strategies. The presence of underlying medical conditions puts others at increased risk for severe illness.

Vaccinating people with disabilities poses unique challenges including ensuring physical accessibility of vaccination sites. To address these challenges, MHI is collaborating with disability-led organizations, state and local health agencies, and local agencies to implement successful vaccine programs and increase access to COVID-19 information and resources for people with disabilities.

MHI implements several approaches to address the barriers related to COVID-19 by providing the following services

Vaccine Education - virtual, in-person, and telephonic meetings

Outreach - set up vaccine information tables

Scheduling - assist with scheduling vaccine, testing, and booster appointments

Transportation - FREE trips to appointments

In-home Vaccination - set up in-home and mobile vaccination sites

Accessibility - ensure sites and materials are accessible

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